Noble Kennels 2017 Show Schedule

September 9-10
Redwood Empire Kennel Club
Petaluma, CA

September 14-17
Sir Frances Drake
Vallejo, CA

September 29-October 1
Bonanza Kennel Club
Carson City, NV


October 14-15 Sonora, CA
October 19-22 Pleasanton, CA
October 28-29 Dixon, CA (Ridgefield wa?)

November 2-5 Central Point, OR
November 10-13 Napa, CA pwd Specialty
November 16-19 Roseburg, OR

December 1-4 Stockton, CA
December 7-10 Costa Mesa, CA
December 13-17 Florida (royal Canine circuit, AKC National Championship)


January 4 – 7 Palm Springs, CA
January 13-15 Puyallup, WA
January 17-21 Portland, OR

Show Contact Information

Adrian Ghione: 707-235-2890

Trina ghione: 530-518-6304 

Professional Show Handling

With many years of experience in the competitive world of dog shows; we specialize in training, grooming, conditioning and showing pure bred dogs in the USA, as well as some international events around the globe.

We provide breeders and exhibitors with personalized advice when trying to find, breed, campaign and sell their animals.

We have also worked in conjunction with some theater and advertising agencies finding and training canine stars for their productions.

We base all of our operations from Oakdale, in the Heart of California's Central Valley, minutes away from Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose Airports.

Effective May 1, 2017; New rate sheet and contract

Rates and Contract